How to Attract Wealth

How to Attract Wealth

Creating a Powerful Money Portal

A common question we hear quite often is-- Can the law of attraction work with money?    Well, yes! BUT,  it can be tricky to master this skill after a lifetime of negative programming around money.

Thing about it-- we are constantly given feedback about how hard it is to make money, and how impossible it is to keep it. The good news is that there are some secrets to attracting money that will change this conditioning, and help money to flow in your direction.

Right now you may be feeling frustrated or stuck.  But you know there is a whole wide world of possibilities to be lived and experienced!  Maybe you feel like joy is out of your reach because you are short on money.  Well there is some good news --- none of what you believe about money is true. 

The Facts About Money Affirmations

Money affirmations are a popular tool when pursuing a change of vibrations around money.   You can learn more about affirmations, and this is a great starting place to get started.   

A less explored, but powerful, method of attracting money simply requires that you become more aware of yourself; become more aware of your very own natural magnetism.  When you become aware of your own power, and how to use your own energy,  you can suck money (or anything!) like a vacuum into the void you currently feel. The law of attraction will be easy as a game for you; your ability to manifest will increase.

The Money Portal is You!

You can get the law of attraction to bring you whatever you desire. You only need to learn how to align with the intense magnetic power you already have.  That is the true secret.  You already are drawing results to fill your magnetic void. But if you align your vibrations, you can attract what you WANT, instead of what you DON'T.

Think of a magnet and how it draws metals from all various angles.  It does not draw from one side alone, it magnetically attracts from all sides  and angles, and it does so very fast.  It does not think about what to draw, or draw it slowly. It is immediate and irresistible. 

That is the trick to applying the law of attraction. You must first become aware that you are a portal for this power; and then, you must direct it where you want.

Imagine being able to fine tune your energy so you become irresistible to all the things that you want.  There will be no struggle obtaining your desire, because that desire will also desire you.

Money will Desire to Move Towards You

If you understand the nature of energy, you will understand that all things are alive in the universe, including the things we consider to be inanimate objects.  Everything has energy. All things vibrate. Energy can never be destroyed. 

Money is also energy.  

As you become more magnetic, money will follow you.  You will not chase money; instead, it will find its way to you easily. 

Ready for More?

If you are ready for a really quick but powerful way to get money results FAST, we recommend the intensive instruction system over at the Wealth Activator Code Program.  It's super affordable, and most importantly, extremely effective. 

If you are ready to get a boost in your wealth-attracting vibrations, you are really going to love this one. At the time of publishing, they are also including a bunch of free bonuses, so i hope you will check it out.   It has a money back guarantee, so no risk to try it out and see if it's a good match for you.

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