Visualization Techniques for Better Manifestation

Visualization Techniques

Visualization Techniques 

Build a Strong Foundation in the Practice of the Law of Attraction

Visualization Techniques

Meditation is widely understood to be one of the core components to practicing the law of attraction. On the other hand, visualization techniques are powerful tools that often get overlooked.  Few people know how to effectively use imagery.  With correct visualization techniques you can bring powerful results, successfully attracting your desires.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always visualizing. You are always conjuring images in your mind, even when you are sleeping.  Whether you are reading a book, hearing a song, having a memory or brushing your teeth, visual images are created, even if you don’t consciously acknowledge them.

With a world full of negative imagery, fear, stress, and suffering, those visualizations subconsciously rule our lives. When practicing the Law of Attraction, you must take control of this energy, in order to attract the things you want. 

Think of an instance that you were so deep in thought that you lost track of time, or missed your exit on the freeway.  You might realize that your emotions were responding as if the experience was actually happening. Or, how about a time when you woke from a dream that felt so real it had an impact on your emotions for the rest of the day—even after you forgot the details of the dream. Our creative selves cannot discern visual reality from deep creative imagery. Can you imagine what would be possible if you convinced your subconscious self that you were rich? The vibration of wealth would become an instant reality to you. That is the power of visualization.

These 3 Small Visualization Techniques Bring Big Results

There are a lot of techniques and methods for creative visualization. Some are basic, and others more advanced.  There are 3 very basic guidelines below to help you get started.

Tip #1-- Block it out:

It is important when first starting out to block out all unnecessary sensory input. Close your eyes, avoid distracting smells, and find a quiet, comfortable space . This will allow you to give visualization your full attention. Eventually, with practice, those outside influences will not distract you from your goals.

Tip #2-- See it, literally:

Allow the pictures to come into your field of vision. Don’t think of it as pictures in your head or up in the clouds, but instead watch it like a film on the back of your eyelids. Pay attention to the smallest detail, and as you get better you can purposefully ad back the other sensory pieces, smell, sound, and ultimately, the emotions.

Tip #3-- Good vibes only:

This is a simple concept, but the technique can be tricky to get it right.  Re-frame your perspective to focus on creating the positive, rather than banishing the negative. This might sound obvious, but as you start working on these principles, you might find it is harder than anticipated. For example, picture an open field with no elephants in it. See? Just by considering the absence of the elephants, you are visually creating the elephants, which is the opposite of your goal of no elephants. It is better, in this example, to just focus on an open field.

Coming up soon:

More in-depth visualization techniques, tips, and concepts. I hope you will bookmark and subscribe so we can work together toward some amazing results.

Bonus tip, #4—visualization takes practice. If you practice visualizing your desires every day, you’re already ahead of the game. By making basic visualization techniques second nature, you lay the foundation for more advanced—and powerfully effective—visualization methods down the line.

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